Jay Van Andel Award

Jay Van Andel Award for Outstanding Achievement in Parkinson’s Disease Research
The Jay Van Andel Award for Outstanding Achievement in Parkinson’s Disease Research was established in 2012 in memory of Van Andel Institute founder Jay Van Andel, who battled Parkinson’s disease for a decade before his death in 2004. The award is given to scientists who have made outstanding contributions to Parkinson’s disease research and who have positively impacted human health.

2018 Awardee

Professor K. Ray Chaudhuri is Professor of Neurology/Movement Disorders and Consultant Neurologist and at King’s College Hospital and King’s College London, an Academic Health Sciences Centre, and also Principal Investigator at the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute at King’s College, London and NIHR biomedical research centre at Institute of Psychiatry. He is the Medical Director of the National Parkinson Foundation International Centre of Excellence at King’s College, London. He sits on the Nervous Systems Committee of the UK Department of Health, National Institute of Health Research, and served as Chairman of the appointments/liaison committee of the Movement Disorders Society (2009–2013) and is currently co-Chair. He is served as the member of the scientific program committee of the MDS (2013–2017) and is Chairman of the newly-formed MDS Non-motor Study Group. He also serves on the task force of the practice parameter group for PD and RLS, EBM for non-motor symptoms of PD and more recently Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s, American Academy of Neurology. He is the co-editor in chief of the Nature group journal, Nature Parkinson’s and is an advisor to NICE UK.  He is in the editorial board of Journal of Parkinson’s Disease. He serves in the Clinical Advisory Group of Parkinson’s UK and is an advisor to the European Parkinson’s Disease Association.

Professor Chaudhuri is the author of 330 papers including reviews, book chapters, co-editor of four books on Parkinson’s disease and restless legs syndrome, and over 250 published peer-reviewed abstracts. He is the chief editor of the first comprehensive textbook on non-motor aspects of Parkinson’s, published by Oxford University Press, and recipient of the BMA book prize commendation prize. He has contributed extensively to educational radio and television interviews including BBC and CNN, newspaper articles and videos. His major research interests are non-motor symptoms of PD, continuous drug delivery treatment of PD and restless legs syndrome, parkinsonism in minority ethnic groups and sleep problems in PD. In 2005, he was awarded the D.Sc. degree by the University of London. He is also the recipient of 2018 Van Andel award for outstanding research contribution in the field of nonmotor Parkinson, following on from Stanley Fahn and Andrew Lees as well as Royal College of Physicians London Award for Outstanding Research Leadership in 2017. Regarded as a leading clinical academic in the world in the field of Parkinson’s disease, his clinical expertise also covers management of restless legs syndrome on which he has written two books. The Parkinson’s centre of excellence (Kings Parkinson’s Centre) covers a catchment of over 4000 Parkinson’s patients. He attracts worldwide referrals to his centre for personalized management of people with Parkinson’s.

About Jay Van Andel
Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jay Van Andel, perhaps best known as the co-founder of Amway, founded Van Andel Institute in 1996 with his wife Betty. Mr. Van Andel saw opportunity in the landscape of his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and imagined a thriving center for biomedical research, health care and the life sciences industry. He forged ahead in pursuing this dream despite his diagnosis of Parkinson’s, which eventually took his life in 2004.

In his autobiography, An Enterprising Life, Mr. Van Andel wrote, “Research into the causes and potential cures for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other diseases is promising but requires much more support…I hope that my own contributions to medical research will be followed by increased support from other entrepreneurs, charitable foundations, and concerned individuals.”

Past winners
2018 — K. Ray Chaudhuri, M.D., FRCP, D.Sc.
2017 — J. William Langston, M.D.
2016 — Stanley Fahn, M.D.
2015 — Robert Nussbaum, M.D., and Maria Grazia Spillantini, Ph.D., FMedSci, FRS
2014 — Andrew John Lees, M.D., FRCP, FMedSci
2013 — Alim-Louis Benabid, M.D., Ph.D.
2012 — Andrew Singleton, Ph.D.