Alastair D. Reith, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Director & GSK Senior Fellow
Novel Human Genetics Research Unit
GSK Pharmaceuticals R&D

Alastair has over 25 years’ experience in drug discovery & signalling research – gained in pharmaceutical industry, charitable, and academic research sectors in UK and North America.

He has extensive experience in leading drug discovery & development programs for neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, and forging a network of successful long-term external alliances with academic collaborators, platform technology partners and not-for-profit organisations that has yielded scientific breakthroughs to enable & expedite identification of clinical candidate compounds and their progression to clinical trials.

Prior to this, Alastair served as biology chair of the Kinase Target Class at GSK where he was accountable for kinase inhibitor drug discovery platform strategy, and operational management globally, for all therapeutic areas – from target identification to delivery of sustainable lead series. Capabilities established delivered one marketed drug. He also led teams that pioneered the development of primary human cell assay platforms for high throughput screens, and elucidation of compound mechanism of action, that paved the way to phenotypic screening and pathway-based drug discovery in GSK.

Outside of GSK, Alastair has served on both Institute and grant review panels for BBSRC, as well as review panels & expert advisory groups for a range of Research funding organisations in the charitable sector and UK Research Excellence Framework.

Before joining the Pharmaceutical Industry, Alastair led an academic research group as an Assistant Member of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, University College London, following a NATO postdoctoral fellowship at Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Toronto. He held an MRC PhD Studentship at the National Institute for Medical Research and received a PhD in Biochemistry from Imperial College, University of London

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