Erika L. F. Holzbaur, Ph.D.

William Maul Measey Professor of Physiology,
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

Erika L. F. Holzbaur is the William Maul Measey Professor of Physiology at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine.  She received her B.S. in Chemistry and History from the College of William and Mary, her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Penn State, and performed her postdoctoral studies at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology. Dr. Holzbaur was recruited to Penn in 1992 and now holds an endowed chair.  The Holzbaur lab studies the dynamics of organelle motility along the cellular cytoskeletonrequired to drive the active transport of organelles along the axons and dendrites of neurons. The lab also investigates cellular mechanisms leading to neurodegeneration in diseases such as ALS and Parkinson’s, focusing on autophagy and mitophagy as pathways critical to maintain neuronal homeostasisDr. Holzbaur was appointed a Porter Fellow and is an inaugural Lifetime Fellow of the American Society for Cell Biology.  She has been honored to receive the NINDS Javits Award from NIH, the Stanley N. Cohen Biomedical Research Award from the University of Pennsylvania, and the Sandra K. Masur Senior Leadership Award from the American Society for Cell Biology. 

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