Per Borghammer, M.D., Ph.D., D.MSc.

Professor and Senior Consultant
Nuclear Medicine and PET
Aarhus University Hospital

Per Borghammer is a professor of Nuclear Medicine and Neuroscience, Medical Faculty of Aarhus University. He specializes in clinical imaging of neurodegenerative disorders, in particular Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Borghammer’s research involves understanding the early and prodromal phase of Parkinson’s disease (PD). His research focuses mainly on the etiopathogenesis of PD, in particular the prion-like spreading of alpha-synuclein and whether PD in some cases originates in the peripheral autonomic nervous system. Dr. Borghammer employs a highly multi-disciplinary approach, including in depth characterization of patient cohorts using multi-modality imaging, histological studies of archived patient tissues, epidemiological studies, and mechanistic studies in experimental animal models of PD. In addition, his group is developing a range of PET tracers and other objective imaging markers to study non-motor dysfunction in PD. Most notably, he pioneered the development of novel PET imaging techniques to quantify the loss of parasympathetic innervation to internal organs.

Dr. Borghammer’s research is funded by the Lundbeck foundation, Danish Research Council, and Danish Parkinson Association.

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